"I believe that 

your soul


my soul



old friends.”

—Mandeq Ahmed

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Right, I’m going to bed now, I’ve got to get up and actually leave the house tomorrow. 

Goodnight my lovelies


Will Darren Wilson ever be arrested?

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fucking dying,
sherlock: how good a shot are you

mary: how badly do you want to find out


sherlock: chill

Time For The Fall


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Listen with both earphones in, otherwise you wont get the effect. 




Okay has anyone done like a full count of every single reference to adultery in the show or

[steven and mark voice] Adultery? Not on our show- [trip] [hundreds of references to adultery spill out of jacket] i-ignore the narrative just i-ignore… they are so so happily married. it’s not w-what….[gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just fuck [thousands of pictures of references to cheating scatter across the floor, spilling out of the narrative] shit, fuck im holding them for this guy, this one army doctor guy…shit i didn’t mean…just, just listen!


sexual innuendo I not only demand but also expect:

  • flag going up a flag pole to let us know John’s ED is out of the picture (will also accept other erection visual metaphors, a phallic mushroom growing, whatever)
  • Sherlock’s champagne bottle/pop can/whatever spilling over too soon and John looking super smug
  • blow job shots (John in his chair, Sherlock bending over to get something, angle makes it look like his head is in his lap, you get me)
  • eating food the morning after together (food for sex metaphor)
  • miscellaneous references to John “making his position clear”
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why are people being such poopy babies about there being ‘sides’ in the fandom

series 3 was divisive, get over it

people are people killed for being black as we speak and you’re whining because not everybody on the internet agrees with you


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"john and sherlock, best friends forever! what a twist on the canon! what a fresh interpretation! what a great, boundary-pushing 21st century update to a canon that has been portrayed on film thousands of times!"

-not steven and mark (via 221bee)
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the truth,JW,


John Watson is bisexual.

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john is so bisexual

so so bisexual

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being in the sherlock fandom has given me a newfound love of deer, bees, and in depth literary/media analysis and it just makes me really happy 💕💕💕

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if john watson isn’t bisexual why is it that i, major james sholto